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IT Staffing and Consultancy

Our goal is simple and client-focused. We strive to keep your IT staff focused on business-critical technology initiatives and to ultimately help you create a competitive advantage in the market place. Our highly skilled professionals deliver results that meet your growing needs, often with the right to retain and hire.

Our IT Staffing and Consulting offers:

  • Greater value than traditional staffing companies who don’t have 30 years of experience in the technologies they support
  • Rigorous pre-qualifications of all consultants by Subject Matter Experts to ensure all appropriate training and necessary certifications
  • Ongoing support and escalation path from our resident technical experts through the engagement
  • Full management to reduce the administrative burden of timesheets, expenses, and scheduling
Cherish Technologies

How We Engage with Talent

Engagement Models

Delivery Modes


Cherish Technologies

Our Methodology


Cherish Technologies account managers and recruiters use a multitude of sourcing techniques to identify and deploy experienced/qualified resources with a wide range of skills. These include:

  • Our internal candidate pipeline
  • Employee referral programs
  • Online job portals
  • Subtier vendors
  • Participation in industry-specific events

After receiving all candidate submissions, the resource delivery manager and senior account manager review the candidates and prepare a shortlist of finalists to undergo the evaluation process. This includes:

  • Education/work experience verification
  • Initial screening: technical skills/domain knowledge/personal skills
  • Technical skills assessment
  • Reference/background checks
  • Fit-to-requirement assessment: prior customer work experience, geographical fit, rate requirements, etc.

After customers select their ideal candidate, Cherish onboards the candidate to the assignment & completes any pending verification activities, if necessary. These can include:

  • Drug screening and other job-specific verifications
  • Onboarding documentation: employee agreement, work authorization, CNDA, etc.
  • Orientation: Cherish Technologies and customer policies and procedures
  • First-day planning & coordination

Cherish Technologies employs a number of strategies to retain our employees and minimize employee turnover on customer assignments. These strategies include:

  • Offering outstanding opportunities with prestigious customers
  • Ensuring employee fit to the customer and assignment
  • Providing effective employee support
  • Engaging in regular communication with employees and customer managers
  • Addressing potential issues proactively

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